Try These Wearable Makeup Trends From NYFW

Just like so many of the surreal styles that you see on the New York Fashion Week runways, the makeup is too dramatic and unreal to pull off on the street. The makeup seen during this past week’s shows took a refreshing turn to a more natural, fresh faced appearance. Below are some great howContinue reading “Try These Wearable Makeup Trends From NYFW”

Favorite Looks of The Year

I can hardly believe that today is the last day of 2014! So many big things have come about in the past year for me: becoming an aunt, launching this little blog of mine, moving into my first house, and taking on new job opportunities. I am truly excited to see what next year holds.Continue reading “Favorite Looks of The Year”

Weekly Outfit Inspiration

In Ohio, the weather has officially changed from that crisp fall feel, to just downright cold. This week has been full of gray, rainy days, and I can feel my outfits slowly shifting into “winter mode.” This means darker shades, heavier knits, boots, and more dramatic makeup! It is almost an act of subconscious toContinue reading “Weekly Outfit Inspiration”

Weekly Outfit Inspiration

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with leggings. They are very comfortable, warm, and when worn correctly, can look just as polished as regular trousers. Since they are so quick and simple, I believe it is easy to forget that you still have to consider your body type when choosing the perfect leggingContinue reading “Weekly Outfit Inspiration”

Pajama Trousers

Jacket – izByer, Lace T Shirt – Forever 21, Trousers – Forever 21 Usually when planning my wardrobe or shopping I focus on three main goals: 1. Does it complement my body type? 2. Does it express my personal style?  3. Is it current? I am not always what you would call a “trendy” dresser.Continue reading “Pajama Trousers”