Sleek and Neutral: My Favorite Outfit For Travel

 As much as I love color, I also have a great appreciation for all neutral outfits. Black leggings with a leather detail, black ankle booties, and this sleek black jacket are slimming and chic paired with a cozy cowl neck sweater. I recently wore this outfit to fly in with black sneakers instead of theContinue reading “Sleek and Neutral: My Favorite Outfit For Travel”

Winter Beach Vacation // 2016

I’ve decided to use this page of my blog as a photography journal, a way of documenting little adventures and experiences my favorite way:through pictures. Here are my favorite shots from our winter vacation. I’m in love with so many of these. This is a great way for me to share my life with  myContinue reading “Winter Beach Vacation // 2016”

November Things (and my last post of the year!)

Since I’ve spent about half of this month sick, I’ve been a little behind on snapshots of the interesting parts of my days. If I had taken some, they would consist of multiples boxes of tissues, NyQuil, and Gilmore Girls on loop. The pictures here are from a bike ride that we took during the firstContinue reading “November Things (and my last post of the year!)”

April Things

How is it already the end of April?! This month truly was busy for me; a balance of work and fun, so it’s no surprise that it flew by. These are pictures of the little things that made me happy, from flowers to iced tea. Don’t forget to follow me on social media to seeContinue reading “April Things”

Spring Break Photo Album

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our spring break vacation to Florida. It was so nice to get away for awhile and have some quality time with Alex and my best friend, spending our mornings poolside and afternoons in the sand. I came back feeling refreshed and reminded of how important it isContinue reading “Spring Break Photo Album”

Patterned Jumpsuit

This super cute patterned jump suit was equal parts comfort and style for a stormy day spent shopping and eating during our vacation. I loved paring it with red accessories and a soft red lip. Jumpsuits can be tricky to pull off, especially if you are on the shorter or curvier  side. This one worksContinue reading “Patterned Jumpsuit”

Links of The Week

This week’s links include the secrets behind great skin, an ultimate travel guide, and a throwback for us 90’s kids! Check them out below xoxo 1. The Ultimate Vacation Travel Guide 2. 10 Most Incredible Views of America’s Cities 3. 9 Rules Girls With Great Skin Never Break 4. Where The Cast Members of ‘FullContinue reading “Links of The Week”