3 Articles To Inspire You To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Spring cleaning is something that pretty much everyone does. It’s a great way to get rid of items just taking up space in your house, or maybe make a little extra cash with a yard sale. I feel like the one area that gets overlooked when it comes to this is our closets. Below IContinue reading “3 Articles To Inspire You To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe”

Summer Romper

I love the look of summer rompers, but it is hard to find ones that meet my fit and function requirements! This one from Old Navy is just what I needed: substantial fabric and a longer inseam in the shorts. I prefer to pair it with wedges to lengthen my leg line. Super easy toContinue reading “Summer Romper”

Untucked: Tips On Shirt Tucking

For the most part when I wear skirts, I always tuck my shirt in. While there is really no right or wrong when it comes to tucking or not, there are a few guidelines to help you decide just how to style your tops. The most important thing to consider is the length of theContinue reading “Untucked: Tips On Shirt Tucking”

Styling Tips For Embracing Your Body Shape Via WhoWhatWear.com

Photo credit forever21.com The controversy over body image continually becomes more intense as social media has pushed people to go above and beyond to look “perfect.” Between magazines transforming models with photoshop, to smart phone apps that let anyone alter their appearance, it is hard to have confidence in just being natural. I found thisContinue reading “Styling Tips For Embracing Your Body Shape Via WhoWhatWear.com”