Introducing: Links of The Week

I am beginning a new post that will be featured every Friday called Links of The Week. I will highlight the most intriguing, useful, or inspiring articles that I have read throughout the week and post them along with their links; providing you with some light reading to get you through your workday and onContinue reading “Introducing: Links of The Week”

Summer Sleep Essentials, Inspired By Parachute Co.

I was recently inspired by Parachute, an LA based bedding and decor company to reveal my must-have items to cool off and relax on hot summer nights. Below are three of my favorite bed time essentials! The iced version of my favorite loose leaf tea: Youthberry and Wild Orange Blossom Lavender and Chamomile scented candle Continue reading “Summer Sleep Essentials, Inspired By Parachute Co.”

Pencil Skirt and Colorful Details

This outfit is a great example of the importance of “staple pieces.” Every person needs items in their wardrobe that are essentially timeless, meaning they are classic and can be worn many ways for multiple years. Fortunately, head to toe matching suits are no longer a work wear necessity, and can be mixed and matchedContinue reading “Pencil Skirt and Colorful Details”

Knit Tunic and Leggings: My Favorite Transitional Outfit

Tunic – Target, Leggings – Macy’s, Boots – Vince Comuto The current clothing trends seem to be following along with our hectic life styles: they are versatile and comfortable. I for one love the legging trend when worn right (previously talked about here), and love the look of a knit tunic and scarf layered overContinue reading “Knit Tunic and Leggings: My Favorite Transitional Outfit”

Valentine’s Treat Jars

Valentine’s day is controversial for most people. Some consider it a holiday as important as Christmas or Easter, while others can not wait for the red, pink, and heart shaped everything to go away. I personally enjoy it, and look forward to the characteristic flowers and dinner, and especially the candy. I used these glassContinue reading “Valentine’s Treat Jars”

Body Image Breakdown

Beauty standards are on a constant rise towards perfection. Every century and decade have had their own trends in what is expected for someone to appear attractive. Now that technology and social media controls our everyday lives, it also is controlling our ideas of body image. As a teenaged girl, I obsessed over fashion magazinesContinue reading “Body Image Breakdown”

Fancy Pumpkins

This year I wanted to go beyond carving up the quintessential jack-o-lantern, and instead made an assortment of metallic, white, and pink pumpkins and gourds. It was very simple, and a bit messy, but totally worth it! All it took was three cans of spray paint, masking tape, cotton balls, and a well ventilated area*.Continue reading “Fancy Pumpkins”

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Mornings have never been my favorite thing. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I have gotten, or whether I am sleeping until          5 am or 12 pm. I wake up groggy and unpleasant, preferring to keep to myself for the first hour or so that I am awake. Lately, I have beenContinue reading “Waking Up Is Hard To Do”