Good To Know Modern Day Etiquette

While most of American society has become pretty casual when it comes to manners and etiquette, there are still necessary and sometimes unspoken “rules” that we should all follow. No matter what career you have, what lifestyle you lead, or what friends you hang out with, everyone can appreciate considerate manners: they are never outdated.Continue reading “Good To Know Modern Day Etiquette”

Links of The Week

This week’s links include the secrets behind great skin, an ultimate travel guide, and a throwback for us 90’s kids! Check them out below xoxo 1. The Ultimate Vacation Travel Guide 2. 10 Most Incredible Views of America’s Cities 3. 9 Rules Girls With Great Skin Never Break 4. Where The Cast Members of ‘FullContinue reading “Links of The Week”

Introducing: Links of The Week

I am beginning a new post that will be featured every Friday called Links of The Week. I will highlight the most intriguing, useful, or inspiring articles that I have read throughout the week and post them along with their links; providing you with some light reading to get you through your workday and onContinue reading “Introducing: Links of The Week”

Overcoming Criticism

It has become very common to hear stories about celebrities getting criticized by media and their “fans” for their appearance. Whether it is a new hairstyle, a fur coat, or their weight, stars have a lot of pressure put on them to try to please everyone. Some seem to ignore it, others lash out inContinue reading “Overcoming Criticism”

Dove Choose Beautiful

In this four minute video, which you can watch here,┬áDove gave women the choice of two doors to go through: one labeled “Beautiful”, the other labeled “Average.” The outcome is very thought provoking and made me ask myself what I would choose. It seems that there is an almost unspoken rule in society that makesContinue reading “Dove Choose Beautiful”

From Work To The Gym

Pants – Express, Jacket – Beall’s, Shoes – Old Navy I used to think that to be a “fit” person you had to be on a very strict diet and spend countless hours at the gym everyday. Up until this year, my schedule allowed me to work out at least five or six hours aContinue reading “From Work To The Gym”

My 7 Must-Have Vacation Items

This week we are taking a road trip to the beach for a mini vacation. Words can’t describe how excited I am to get a break from the frigid weather here (this morning it is -9!) I am making it a priority to pack light and simple unlike my usual load of suitcases and totes.Continue reading “My 7 Must-Have Vacation Items”

The Instagrams That Inspire Me The Most

Social media definitely has its downfalls, but for anyone who finds inspiration in self expression, sites such as pinterest and instagram can prove truly useful. Instagram is my personal favorite out of all social media outlets. Facebook can become mundane with drama and game requests; plus I really don’t care to post my thoughts inContinue reading “The Instagrams That Inspire Me The Most”

Christmas Countdown

We are down to only eight days until Christmas! I have been listening to Christmas music, baking, burning holiday themed candles, and drinking candy cane lattes non stop. I always try to cram in as much Christmas spirit as humanly possible. This time of year can easily become stressful between visiting relatives, shopping, and cooking.Continue reading “Christmas Countdown”

How To Plan For The Holidays (Without Losing Your Mind) Part IIII

Tomorrow officially begins the holiday season! What better way to celebrate than by gorging on turkey and pie? This year for me is taking on new dynamics, since we are moving into our first house in the midst of all of these festivities. I hope that everyone enjoys their day, no matter what the plansContinue reading “How To Plan For The Holidays (Without Losing Your Mind) Part IIII”