Summer Essentials $50 and Under

This weekend kicks off the start of all things summer. We can finally trade our jeans for shorts, and show off brightly polished toes through strappy sandals and wedges. I have rounded up a few summer essentials $50 and under that would be perfect for your long weekend, or your warm-weather wardrobe in general. MyContinue reading “Summer Essentials $50 and Under”

Links of The Week

How to make the perfect caramel macchiato, fun DIYs for busy people, tips for better time management, and more! Happy Friday xoxo 1.Starbuck’s Iced Caramel Macchiato Copy Cat Recipe 2.Every Awkward Way We Wore Tank Tops In The 2000’s  3.Bobbi Brown’s Quick and Easy Makeovers 4.20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management 5.Quick and EasyContinue reading “Links of The Week”

The Instagrams That Inspire Me The Most

Social media definitely has its downfalls, but for anyone who finds inspiration in self expression, sites such as pinterest and instagram can prove truly useful. Instagram is my personal favorite out of all social media outlets. Facebook can become mundane with drama and game requests; plus I really don’t care to post my thoughts inContinue reading “The Instagrams That Inspire Me The Most”

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Mornings have never been my favorite thing. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I have gotten, or whether I am sleeping until          5 am or 12 pm. I wake up groggy and unpleasant, preferring to keep to myself for the first hour or so that I am awake. Lately, I have beenContinue reading “Waking Up Is Hard To Do”