Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Cookies

In the next week ahead we are going to be moving (yes, again), which means it’s going to be a hectic week filled with last minute packing, planning, and rushed meals. I have been craving cookies, but also trying to eat healthy, so I compromised by tweaking the recipe a bit. Since it is goingContinue reading “Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Cookies”

Resurrection Rolls: My Easter Morning Tradition

Resurrection rolls have become an Easter tradition in my family. My grandma would always have me and my cousins make them, and now I still enjoy having them for a special breakfast on Easter morning. You can find the recipe here. These are super easy to make, and a great treat to make with kids.Continue reading “Resurrection Rolls: My Easter Morning Tradition”

Turkey Minestrone

Though it is officially spring, we are still experiencing winter weather here in Ohio, making hot comfort food taste best! I made this delicious turkey minestrone for dinner a few nights ago when it was snowing and chilly. With essentially two ingredients, it could not get any easier. I used Bear Creek Minestrone Soup MixContinue reading “Turkey Minestrone”

Chocolaty Chip Bars

I recently made these yummy cookie bars for a holiday party using this recipe. Cookie bars are a fun alternative to regular cookies, and save you the time of rolling each one individually. I doubled the batch, and swapped out the M&M’s for white chocolate chips. They were the perfect pairing for after dinner coffee!Continue reading “Chocolaty Chip Bars”