Weekly Outfit Inspiration

I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with leggings. They are very comfortable, warm, and when worn correctly, can look just as polished as regular trousers. Since they are so quick and simple, I believe it is easy to forget that you still have to consider your body type when choosing the perfect leggingContinue reading “Weekly Outfit Inspiration”

Fall Floral

Chambray Shirt – asos, Floral Blouse – Sound and Matter, Leggings – Lauren Conrad This is one of my go-to outfits for fall. It was perfect for a walk in the park, enjoying the last of the seasonably warm days of the year! From the chambray and floral combo, to the super comfortable leggings and slouchy boots,Continue reading “Fall Floral”

Halloween Sugar Cookies

This week is one of my favorite weeks of the year. The leaves are vibrant; the air is crisp. It’s time for cider and pumpkins, and best of all, my birthday and anniversary with Alex. Over the weekend, we had a Halloween themed get together with our friends, for which I made these sugar cookies. IContinue reading “Halloween Sugar Cookies”

Weekly Outfit Inspiration

After some great feedback from last week’s “Step Up Your T Shirt and Jeans Style” seen  here , I have decided to make Outfit Inspiration a weekly post. Check in every Friday for some ideas to challenge and inspire your Saturday and Sunday wear, and your wardrobe for the oncoming week! I hope you have a wonderfulContinue reading “Weekly Outfit Inspiration”

Pajama Trousers

Jacket – izByer, Lace T Shirt – Forever 21, Trousers – Forever 21 Usually when planning my wardrobe or shopping I focus on three main goals: 1. Does it complement my body type? 2. Does it express my personal style?  3. Is it current? I am not always what you would call a “trendy” dresser.Continue reading “Pajama Trousers”

Caramel Apples

Fall inspired foods are officially everywhere. Magazines, Pinterest, stores, and restaurants have an abundance of pumpkin and cinnamon flavored goodies. Apple cider is a necessity, and right behind it caramel apples. Every autumn as far back as I can remember, my grandma and I would go to a local orchard that grew and sold theirContinue reading “Caramel Apples”