Styling Tips For Embracing Your Body Shape Via

Photo credit The controversy over body image continually becomes more intense as social media has pushed people to go above and beyond to look “perfect.” Between magazines transforming models with photoshop, to smart phone apps that let anyone alter their appearance, it is hard to have confidence in just being natural. I found thisContinue reading “Styling Tips For Embracing Your Body Shape Via”

Overcoming Criticism

It has become very common to hear stories about celebrities getting criticized by media and their “fans” for their appearance. Whether it is a new hairstyle, a fur coat, or their weight, stars have a lot of pressure put on them to try to please everyone. Some seem to ignore it, others lash out inContinue reading “Overcoming Criticism”

Body Image Breakdown

Beauty standards are on a constant rise towards perfection. Every century and decade have had their own trends in what is expected for someone to appear attractive. Now that technology and social media controls our everyday lives, it also is controlling our ideas of body image. As a teenaged girl, I obsessed over fashion magazinesContinue reading “Body Image Breakdown”