Plan For The Holidays (Without Losing Your Mind) Part I – Gift Buying

 We all have one: that friend or family member that is “impossible to buy for.” Every holiday you puzzle and stress over what to get them, or how much to spend. If you’re like me, you keep putting off deciding on their gift, only to give up and settle for giving them a gift card. WhileContinue reading “Plan For The Holidays (Without Losing Your Mind) Part I – Gift Buying”

Weekly Outfit Inspiration

Ankle boots have become a full blown fall/winter staple once again! With so many styles to choose from, how could you not want to add a pair to your wardrobe? With the ever growing trend, has come the common question of “How do I wear these with jeans?” It can be a bit overwhelming, butContinue reading “Weekly Outfit Inspiration”

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Mornings have never been my favorite thing. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I have gotten, or whether I am sleeping until          5 am or 12 pm. I wake up groggy and unpleasant, preferring to keep to myself for the first hour or so that I am awake. Lately, I have beenContinue reading “Waking Up Is Hard To Do”