EKS Wardrobe Styling and Makeup Artistry


In 2013, I graduated with a license in Image Consulting and Wardrobe Styling.  I started EKS Wardrobe and Makeup Artistry to offer both women and men help embracing their personal style, while finding the clothes and makeup to express it! I reside in North Eastern Ohio, so if you are in the area I would love to schedule an appointment with you. Below is a list of services that I offer, as well as long-distance personal shopping and consulting services for anyone not in my area.

– Emma Katherine Shepherd 


Personal ShoppingThere are two ways I can personal shop: for you, or with you. If you enjoy shopping, or would like to learn how to enjoy it, I can assist you while we go to stores and pull clothing items and accessories to try on. Specialty shopping is also available to find just what you need for a specific trip, date, or event. I will offer fit and style advice, all while staying on a budget set by you.

 $40 an hour

If shopping is not your thing, or you simply do not have the time, I can shop for you! Whether you need certain items for your wardrobe, or an outfit for a specific event, I will do the shopping portion for you. All you have to do is try on and say “yes” or “no.” Any items that are not kept, I will return to the store at no cost to you.

Contact for pricing details.


Style Consultation. From busy moms in need of a functional everyday wardrobe, to business men and women looking to step up their work wear, we will spend time discovering what your personal style is, as well as your body type, and how to dress to feel your best!

1 hr. $35

Closet Consultation. I will help you go through your wardrobe and accessories, sorting out what is no longer desirable, and putting together outfits with the pieces that are! 2 hr minimum.

$30 an hour