Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

Though we are in the midst of the coldest temperatures and most snow that we have gotten all winter, I am already looking forward to my spring wardrobe. Going with the hope that we don’t have negative temperatures until May, I will soon be trading in chunky sweaters and scarves for florals and cute heels.Continue reading “Spring Wardrobe Wishlist”

Christmas Party Style: Ideas For Your Holiday Outfits

The cool Christmas sweater. Dramatic elements such as leather jeggings and cherry red stilettos add a trendy twist to a modernized Christmas sweater.   Layering made easy. This cotton long sleeved dress could not be more comfortable and stylish – especially when paired with leather over the knee boots, and a drapey vest. Pattern party. From theContinue reading “Christmas Party Style: Ideas For Your Holiday Outfits”

3 Essentials For Your Wardrobe

Seasonal wardrobe shopping can be overwhelming. There are so many trends it is hard to decide what’s worth trying and what you should stay away from. The most important rule to go by is to never purchase something that you can not incorporate into your existing wardrobe. While it is good to push your styleContinue reading “3 Essentials For Your Wardrobe”

What’s Inspiring My Style

The thing that I have always loved about clothes is that they can be such a big expression of who you are. I can’t paint or draw above the level of most second graders, so my style has become my way of expressing myself. Going into each season, I look forward to wardrobe planning andContinue reading “What’s Inspiring My Style”

Styling Tips For Embracing Your Body Shape Via WhoWhatWear.com

Photo credit forever21.com The controversy over body image continually becomes more intense as social media has pushed people to go above and beyond to look “perfect.” Between magazines transforming models with photoshop, to smart phone apps that let anyone alter their appearance, it is hard to have confidence in just being natural. I found thisContinue reading “Styling Tips For Embracing Your Body Shape Via WhoWhatWear.com”

The Classy Girl’s Guide To Summer’s Biggest Look

Summer clothes season is upon us, and there are many daring new trends going on right now! The biggest one, though is not so much a trend as it is a staple: short shorts. Every year, the hems get shorter and shorter, and I have recently been seeing an awful lot of “cheek.” Even ifContinue reading “The Classy Girl’s Guide To Summer’s Biggest Look”

My Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

The further we get into spring, the more I start to crave the things of summer: campfire food, cookouts, festivals, fireworks, evening walks, and pool time. This has made me even more motivated to start planning my summer wardrobe! I have my eye on a few key pieces that are cool, classic, and transitional. AlongContinue reading “My Summer Wardrobe Wishlist”