The Meaning of Colors and When To Wear Them

Colors are a powerful tool used in every aspect of our life from the restaurants we eat at to the shows we watch. Besides being a crucial part of marketing, colors can also be useful for our wardrobe. Knowing their meaning and when to wear them can attribute to how people respond to you, and the impression you leave.

  • Red – the color of energy, aggression, and risk taking. A great color to wear for a night out, but not ideal for an interview.
  • Orange – social, happy, and popular. Great to wear for a social gathering!
  • Yellow – indicates intelligence and logical thinking. A good color to incorporate into an outfit for an interview or public speaking event.
  • Green – balance and clarity. Another color that portrays someone as social, and genuinely successful.
  • Blue – often a color worn by politicians for it’s ability to portray truthfulness and trustworthiness. Darker blues such as navy can also indicate someone who is a leader or holds power.
  • Purple – regal, creative, and sensitive. Used to express artistic tendencies.
  • Black – power and authority. An all black outfit portrays drama. Think of the corporate “power suit.”
  • White – Genuine, pure, and precise.

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Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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