We’re Engaged! + Couple Q&A



Over the past three years that I have been writing The Emma Kat, it has evolved in many ways. I love that it is a space where I can merge all the things that I love most: style outfits and articles; my business, Emma Katherine Image Consulting; and bits of my personal life.

With that being said, I am so excited to share that as of last week my high school sweetheart and I are engaged! In honor of this new step in our life, I had us do a couples Q&A and share how we met below.


^^^ Our first picture together that couldn’t be any more awkward. One of my best friends set us up as homecoming dates because she knew we liked each other.

We had our first actual date a week later at Taco Bell. I spilled nacho cheese on my shirt, and after that night we just kinda became inseparable.

A little over 5 years, two houses, multiple jobs, and a handful of fur babies later, we set a wedding date while sitting on our living room couch watching a Cavs game. I didn’t want an engagement ring, so we got matching bracelets. A few days later while looking at wedding bands online, Alex surprised me with the prettiest diamond ring, and I couldn’t turn it down ūüėČ


I thought it would fun to end this post with a little couple’s Q&A about each other.

A = Alex’s answers about me ¬†E= My answers about him

1. What is my favorite movie?¬†A:¬†Breakfast At Tiffany’s E:¬†Forest Gump

2. One place I really want to travel to? A:¬†Aruba E: Ireland (he makes a scrunched up face)….Europe? (Europe was the correct answer.)

3. What are some of my life goals? A: Success in image consulting, to own your own studio, and travel the world. E: 3D printing, entrepreneurship, and world travel.

4. What is my least favorite food? A:¬†Fruits….no, vegetables. Vegetables and fruits. E: Cole slaw¬†

5. What is my favorite season? A: Summer E: Fall

6. My favorite meal? A: Steak, a baked potato, and broccoli E: Spaghetti 

7. My dream job? A: To work at New York Fashion Week E: To be a prototyper 

8. What is the first thing you noticed about me? A: Your shoes E: Your hair and shirt 


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One thought on “We’re Engaged! + Couple Q&A

  1. I actually knew some of the answers before looking ! Congrads and we love you both , Dad and Mom

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