October Things

The prettiest assortment of flowers from Alex for my birthday

October is one of my favorite months, right alongside July and December. I enjoy seeing the leaves change, and getting to wear layers of scarves and sweaters. The chilly days bring anticipation of the coming holidays, along with cider, trick or treat, and my birthday and anniversary. Here are a few of the little things that I enjoyed this month.


Campfire + s’mores. I went with the classic hershey bar and reese’s combos. 
Spiced up a moody manicure color with some gold glitter
The last stop on our anniversary date. I thought we were going to pick up food and go to the hardware store. We ended up having reservations at my favorite restaurant (the best chicken and waffles around), followed by frozen yogurt and a movie ❤
My first time eating at Melt, a restaurant known for their giant non-typical sandwiches. Mine had deep fried mac and cheese topped with melted cheddar. 

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