DIY Deconstructed Jeans



A pair of my black skinny jeans came out of the wash one day with white streaks all over them. After a few failed attempts at removing the streaks, I decided I was going to have to get rid of them. A trick that a used back in high school to deconstruct my jeans came to mind, so I decided to try it out.

Simply lay them out on a flat surface, and trace on lines where you want to make your cuts. Using fabric shears, I made rough cuts where I had marked on the thighs and knees, then used the cheese grater to texturize them.


To complete the deconstruction process, I washed them once more, and they were ready to wear, with the white streaks now unnoticeable.

Just in time for the trendy distressed jeans look!


See more pictures here

Published by theemmakat

Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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