September Things

Not sure what was more fun about the pumpkin patch: picking them out or taking pictures of all the colorful items.

When it comes to this month, I’m not even sure where it went! September just flies by so quickly, you hardly have time to enjoy the beautiful weather and seasonal transition it brings. The month began like summer and is ending like fall, going from hot and sticky on Labor Day to today’s current moody/grey 60 degrees.

I’m trying to think back to what we’ve done this month. Our weekends have been pretty laid back and full of late brunches and spur of the moment dinner dates with friends. I’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as possible. Week days have been a monotonous pattern of work, home, dinner, down time, and bed. I have gotten back into  working out five days a week, and Alex and I have started to go swim laps in the evenings.

October is always super busy so it’s been nice to have a “chill” month. This weekend, I am heading to Athens (Ohio) to spend time with one of my best friends and get a taste of college life. I pretty much completely skipped that life experience myself since I only had a year of classes for image consulting and wardrobe styling.

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Okay, this is the last pumpkin picture, I promise!
The county fair in our hometown went on last week. I treated myself to a funnel cake and fries with nacho cheese.
My favorite pale pink polish – OPI’s Mod About You
Since it’s going to be a while until I can actually go to Germany, I was pretty excited to find this delicious chocolate that is made in Saarlouis. It made me feel just a tad closer to my heritage.

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