Denim For Your Fall Wardrobe

Denim is a go-to staple for every season. Everyone needs good quality denim pieces in their wardrobe that go beyond jeans or jean shorts. I have put together some simple ways you can style denim for your fall wardrobe, and incorporate such a timeless look into what’s trending!


The most obvious way to wear denim…a good pair of jeans! Make sure you choose the right fit for your body type. Most brands have a little tag on the back of the pants that describe how they “fit.” Read my jean fit tips here, and get some pointers on how to style your jeans with ankle boots here.

Pair jeans with a slouchy sweater and scarf for an effortless look.


Denim vests are a comfortable way to incorporate the look into an outfit, and can be used to create visual interest or simply add some warmth.

Slip a denim vest over a tunic and leggings.


Denim skirts have just recently made a comeback. To avoid channeling the early 2000’s jean skirt and UGG  boot phase, look for a modern A-line style. Extra points for one with a trendy button down front.

I really like seeing warm earth tones paired with these updated jean skirts like the mustard seed flats above.


I believe every woman and man should have at least one of these. They’re so super easy to wear, and are perfect for fall layers!

Slate colored jeans and jewel toned booties will give “denim on denim” a fresh look.


I also believe everyone should own a denim jacket. Extend some of your sleeveless tops or dresses by popping on a fitted jean jacket, or tone down your work wear with one to go from office to date night.

Denim jacket + graphic tee + cute skirt = your new fall uniform.


Last but not least, add an edgy kick to your outfits with black denim pieces!

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Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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