Eye Shadow Lips!


A few weeks ago on twitter and Facebook, I asked for suggestions on current makeup/beauty trends to try and then review on the blog. The beauty industry lately has been filled with odd suggestions for everything from using red lipstick to contour to “baking” your foundation. Today’s post is my take on eye shadow lips.

Eye shadow lips are an inexpensive way to wear a fresh lip color without having to buy a new lipstick. I have seen other beauty bloggers do everything from a red lip to purple and green. I decided to stick to a more neutral brown look.

Start with smooth, moisturized lips
Lasting finish lipstick by Kate – 08

After applying the lipstick, I dabbed the ‘Toasted’ shade of my Naked palette onto my lips.


To lighten my lips a bit, I also blended in this glimmery neutral shade called ‘Sin.’


I added a clear plumping gloss to smooth out the matte look a bit, and here is my finished product! This look definitely has some staying power, and would be perfect for a night out.

Check out my Foundation Baking tutorial here.


Published by theemmakat

Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

3 thoughts on “Eye Shadow Lips!

  1. Ooh this a great look! And you’re so pretty btw,could you check out my blog if you get the chance?x

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