Getting Baked! How To Bake Your Foundation


A few weeks ago on twitter and Facebook, I asked for suggestions on current makeup/beauty trends to try and then review on the blog. The beauty industry lately has been filled with odd suggestions for everything from using red lipstick to contour to “baking” your foundation. Today’s post is about the latter!

When I first heard about baking your foundation, I imagined it very literally. I learned it does not require use of an oven in any way. Unless you’re going to bake cookies while doing your makeup, which doesn’t sound like a half-bad idea. Makeup artists originally developed this trick to keep celebrities makeup in place under hot lights during shoots and events, a look that is now commonly used on the Kardashians. (No matter how you personally feel about them, you have to give them mad props for their flawless faces.)

It took me a few tries to get the right powder ratio and “baking time.” But now that I have that down, this technique has become a saving grace this summer. I’ll walk you through the steps below…


1. Start with a clean, moisturized canvas (face) then apply a good primer! Primer is not something that you can really buy without dropping a little extra cash. You get what you pay for. After applying the primer over your entire face, wait about two minutes to let it set.


2. I blended this Benefit stick foundation over my entire face, starting at my hair line, and down into my neck using a stipple brush.

3. Using a concealer stick, I applied a generous amount in an inverse triangle shape under my eyes, a stripe on each side of my nose, the center of my nose, and over a few blemishes on my chin. I then blended the product with a makeup sponge.


4. Now it’s time to bake! Using this mineral finishing powder (featured as one of my Products I Love, seen here) I applied a thick amount to my under eye/cheek area, nose, and chin. And when I say thick amount, I mean thick. And when you think you have it thick enough, add some more.


Some of the tutorials I watched suggested letting it bake for 10-15 minutes. I only wait five for mine, because I feel any longer and it appears too cakey. While I wait, I start working on my brows.

5. Taking a powder brush, I simply blend in a light circular motion until the powder is evened out. Now you have a smooth, clean, set face that you can add your blush, contour, or strobing to and it won’t budge!


6. My finished face.

Unless you decide to go deep sea diving, this will stay on all day. Because of that fact, it is really important that you take the time to remove it before going to bed. I have to use at least two makeup wipes and my cleansing brush to truly remove it all! With that being said, happy baking everyone! Look for more crazy beauty tricks coming soon.



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