Putting Things in Perspective


There is so much negativity going around right now. Granted, there are a lot of heart breaking things going on in every part of the world, every single day. Top that with the stresses each one of us has loading us down, and it’s no wonder everyone is so…blah. 

There are always the eternal optimists that claim we are the ones who choose to be stressed out, that worrying doesn’t get us anywhere. But how? How do these people just ignore the pressure that comes naturally by living? Bills, deadlines, health issues, the perpetual need for more time. Messy homes, maintaining relationships with family and friends. That all comes by just existing. Then say, you decide to go beyond that. For some of us, just existing is not enough. You develop dreams, goals, and passions that keep you up late into the night. The fear of being average, outgrows the nagging doubts in the back of your mind telling you that your dreams are nonsense. That starts a whole other level of tension.

With all the bad things happening in the world, there is no more time for negativity. Everyone is struggling with something, or multiple things. I have been stressing so much about things that in perspective shouldn’t matter. I wonder if I am posting the right kind of content, if I’m doing enough social media…the right kind of social media? Will my business ever get to the level I want it to? What if I never reach my fitness goals, make more money, or get our house more organized (it’s been a year, and there are still unpacked boxes.) Then a few sobering minutes watching the news and all of those problems go away.

Anymore, it is a blessing if you are able to end the day safe and healthy. No one has the answer that will fix what is going on in society. All we can do is love as many people as we can. Offer light, hope, and kindness to those who cross our path. Do what makes your heart happy. Don’t forget to have fun. Life is short.




Published by theemmakat

Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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