What I’m Watching


From competitive baking to vampires, here is a list of what’s been on my Netflix queue!

  1. Chef’s Table – Some of the world’s top gourmet chefs and their most delicious creations as well as a background into what inspired their love of food.
  2. Vampire Diaries – One of my favorite TV shows that I am currently watching all over again. I have never gotten into the vampire trend much (I didn’t even jump on the Twilight bandwagon,) but love the characters and plot of this show. Though I am an Ian Somerhalder fan, I am Team Stephen all the way through!
  3. Dior and I – For all fashion lovers, this is a look at the first couture collection designed by Christian Dior’s new artistic director.
  4. Cupcake Wars – Contestants competing to have their creations be featured at an elite event. Two rounds and a lot of cupcake and frosting goodness.

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Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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