Bathing Suit Guide For All Body Types


Bathing suit season has come once again. For some, this is exciting. Others dread it, or simply avoid it at all costs. That is why I made this bathing suit guide for all body types: so that no matter what shape you are, you can have fun in the sun and feel your best!


Column body shapes have long, slim features with shoulders and hips even in width. Weight gain will usually appear in the abdominal region. Choose a a bathing suit that will accentuate features, giving them more shape. Halter necks, lattice fronts, cut outs, prints, fringe and ruffle details, and boy short or skirt bottoms are best.



Hour glass body shapes have full hips and bust, with a defined waistline. Weight gain is usually seen in legs and arms. It is important to find tops that give proper support. This means looking for tops with under wires or thicker fabrics such as a bandeau style. For bottoms stick with classic bikini styles.



Apple body shapes are rounder with a wide waistline. The appearance of weight gain can very from the abdominal region to arms and legs. Look for bathing suits that have thicker fabric with concealing details that will have a slimming effect, and patterns that are proportionate to your body shape.



Inverted triangle is similar to column body types, except that shoulders are wider than hips. You can balance out your top and bottom by wearing a bold color on your lower half, or choosing boy shorts or a skirt. Don’t be afraid to use patterns on top to conceal and slim!


Pear body shapes have slim waists with full hips and legs, and narrow shoulders. Weight gain can appear in the abdominal area or hips. Balance this shape by wearing details such as fringe, ruffles, and bling on your upper half and accentuating your shoulders. Classic bikini bottoms will be the most most flattering.

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Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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