Vanilla Chia Seed Fruit Smoothie


After recently posting a picture of this vanilla chia seed fruit smoothie on snapchat, I got a request from a friend to put the recipe on the blog. I’m not one to enjoy all of the trendy juices or green smoothies, but prefer sticking to simple fruit based ones – especially berry flavors. Alex and I enjoy having these as a snack after work to keep us satisfied until dinner, or on a busy day when we would normally be tempted to go through a drive-through. I’ve also been trying to make a smoothie when I have a craving for ice cream on a hot day!

Here is the recipe: 

– 12 frozen strawberries

– A handful of blueberries

– 16 oz. of vanilla almond milk

– Chia seeds


Layer the berries in your blender, and pour the almond milk over them. Blend until smooth, scoop into a glass, then top with chia seeds!

You can obviously experiment with different fruits. Alex likes a banana in his, and I think blackberries or raspberries would be good. If you have the molds, this recipe would make delicious popsicles as well.




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