What’s In My Suitcase


It has taken me awhile to not over-pack, but I am finally making progress. I told myself that I can only take what will fit into my bag (and it only counts if all of the pockets can zip!) So I figured while I pack, I might as well share with everybody some of the items in my suitcase.

For the first time ever, I’m actually going away on spring break. Not that I have a spring break anyway since I am out of school, but never the less it feels like a great time to get away and enjoy some warmer weather since Ohio seems to be stuck on chilly temperatures still. It will also be the first holiday that I won’t be home for; though I am more than happy to trade hunting for candy filled eggs with hunting for cool sea shells in the sand!

Since plane tickets cost so much this time of the year, we’ve decided to drive. My best friend is coming along with us, so we are turning it into a fun road trip which is something we have been wanting to do for a long time.

I’m not a huge fan of shorts, so skirts and dresses are my go-to.
Graphic tees with fun details and one of my wardrobe staples: a classic denim jacket.
A few simple pieces of jewelry.
The red maxi will be perfect for the trip down, and the other two can double as bathing suit cover ups or a cute outfit for shopping or dinner.
I prefer buying my tops and bottoms separately, so I can mix and match designs.
3 of my beach essentials: Rockin’ Body Leg Shine from Victoria Secret, Waikiki Beach Coconut Body Spray from Bath and Body Works, and a sea salt texturing spray for my hair.
Hyland’s Natural Relief For Motion Sickness. I get pretty sick from long car rides, and most motion sickness medicines cause me to be drowsy and irritable. As you can see from the worn out label, this stuff is my favorite!


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