Passion Planner


The biggest struggle that I have had in my adulthood so far is time management. I have a rather off kilter sense of how long it takes to do things, and often times try to pack way too much activity into too little time. This, in turn only stresses out my desire to execute everything flawlessly, ending in even less productivity.

I believe that we should try each day to make changes and better ourselves. Never being too crazy about the “new year, new you” attitude (every year I have the same resolution to start eating better/working out more), this year I truly am making an effort to become more organized. Not only to relieve myself of unnecessary anxiety, but also to truly start growing Emma Katherine Image Consulting and The Emma Kat into steady businesses.

My best friend introduced me to Passion Planner, and gave me one for Christmas. Being true to my career, my first impressions of things are based on presentation and packaging. I love the creative design, and love the step by step process it takes you through even more!

Here is a great article from Huffington Post that gives you helpful tips on using a planner in the most beneficial, stress-free way. Here’s to self-improvement, and always striving to be the best version of “you!”




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