Lessons From A Red Cup


If you have been on social media at all this week, you have probably seen the uproar over Starbucks’ red holiday cups. While I try to personally keep up with “what’s trending” on media outlets, I usually prefer to keep opinions to myself to stay out of the drama.  Never the less, I believe that there is a much deeper issue that is rising from this situation, and that we could all learn a few lessons from these bold cups.

Starbucks has become a rather hot topic. There is the group that boycotts, the loyal followers/supporters, and the neutral crowd that could not care less. It has almost become an unspeakable topic like politics and religion. I fall into the latter crowd. I go to Starbucks when I want a good cup of coffee before work, or to sip a frappe containing a days worth of calories while chatting with friends. I have already gotten a few of my drinks in red cups, and thought nothing except, “This means holiday flavors are coming!” Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. Regardless of who is saying “Merry Christmas” to me, what stores are open the day of, or what design is on my coffee cup, it still is. Do you know why? Because Christmas is a celebration of love. 

The only thing I am required to do to celebrate Christmas is have love in my heart, and share it with as many people as I can. Every year people complain about how the holidays are becoming big corporate monopolies, which perhaps is true. But you know what we can do about it? Not let material things be the most important part of our Thanksgiving and Christmas. As long as there are 805 million people starving in the world, 100 million homeless, 18 million orphans, and millions of homeless animals, we have a lot more to be worrying about than who has the biggest present, or the best turkey, or what your coffee cup looks like.

The world needs love. So many people and animals need to be loved and cared for. Can we please shift the focus of the holidays to that? If there has ever been “A War On Christmas,” it’s the fact that everyone has forgotten the true meaning of it. If we just start loving, then it doesn’t matter who celebrates it, what religion they are, how old they are, or where they are from. If I talk to you over the holidays, I will more than likely tell you “Merry Christmas.” You know what I will also be doing? Looking for ways to show you why Christmas is so wonderful, whether you celebrate it or not. Below, I have ideas to get you rolling on ways to spread love this season. My two biggest goals are to donate supplies to my local animal shelter, and give my time serving at a soup kitchen. I also really like the idea of keeping a box of gloves and socks in the car, ready for anyone you run into that may need a pair to warm them up. I hope you find your own ways to share love, and would really enjoy hearing about them!

Have a wonderful Thursday! Here’s to the holiday season! XOXO

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