3 Essentials For Your Wardrobe


Seasonal wardrobe shopping can be overwhelming. There are so many trends it is hard to decide what’s worth trying and what you should stay away from. The most important rule to go by is to never purchase something that you can not incorporate into your existing wardrobe. While it is good to push your style boundaries, you have to love and feel confident in the clothes your wear! I have gathered three essentials that will complement every wardrobe, while staying current and modern. Happy shopping! XOXO

The Denim Jacket. Invest in a classic, fitted denim jacket. You will be surprised how often you throw it on over graphic tees, dresses, or as an added layer of warmth.


A Blanket Scarf. It’s a grown up version of the thick scarves you used to bundle up in to play in the snow. It can be worn as an accessory to an outfit, or as an outer layer with your staple winter coat or jacket. Just be sure to choose one that is proportionate to your size. If it could really be used as a blanket when unfolded, it may overwhelm your appearance.


Fringe Details. One of summer’s hottest trends has been carried over to fall and winter. Choose to incorporate it into your wardrobe with a dramatic purse or jacket, or if you want something subtle, choose a pair of boots or earrings with just a little bit of fringe!

Published by theemmakat

Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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