October Things


Fall decorating/making a mess

Even though summer is my favorite time of year, fall holds a very close second. With the chilly air and shorter days comes cozy scarves, fires (mainly s’mores), and holiday planning. October is especially one of my favorite months; not because of pumpkin spice everything (I honestly do not like that flavor!) but because my birthday, anniversary, and Halloween all happen within days of each other. Celebrating is one of my favorite things to do, so this month is like an extravaganza! Plus all the excitement helps take my mind off of the coming cold months…

My fall to do list includes: taking my nephew to a pumpkin patch, going to fall festivals, consuming large amounts of apple cider and since I will be twenty one this month, going to a winery; carving pumpkins, baking Halloween cookies, handing out candy for trick or treat, and dressing my dogs up in ridiculous costumes. I’m curious to hear, what are your autumn traditions? Let the fall fun begin!

Published by theemmakat

Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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