DIY Flower Hair Wreath


I love the look of floral hair wreaths, but can never find one that is exactly my style. Most of them have flowers that are too big in proportion to my head, and I end up looking like a walking bouquet. This was the easiest and cheapest DIY, and took only about 30 minutes to make. I spent $3 on the flower strands at Target, and $.97 on the floral tape at Walmart. Like I said, it doesn’t get any cheaper than that! 14404655743441440465698243I started by measuring and cutting the strands to the sizes that I needed to fit around my head.


I then braided them together and secured the ends with floral tape.


And it is all ready to be worn with whimsical dresses or ripped jeans and graphic tees!


Published by theemmakat

Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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