Current Inspirations

1436541902280Obsessing over the idea of vivid front doors. Contemplating red or yellow for my own.

I am finally getting back into a normal routine after the past two weeks of moving and transitioning to a new job. While there are still a lot of boxes to unpack and duties to be learned, I am appreciating the little pleasures of cooking dinner in our new kitchen, and having fun getting to know my amazing co-workers! I have not blogged for awhile, so it feels rather cathartic to be getting back to my usual post schedule. I have listed a few of the little things that have been inspiring me lately. I am excited for the weeks ahead filled with fun posts, giveaways and more!


1436540217158A glimpse of my new workspace: crisp, clean, and classy!

1436540182418Adorable (and delicious!) macaroons from Olde World Bakery

1436543289127Pretty manicure with Onyx from China Glaze and Oy Another Polish Joke from OPI 

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