The Classy Girl’s Guide To Summer’s Biggest Look


Summer clothes season is upon us, and there are many daring new trends going on right now! The biggest one, though is not so much a trend as it is a staple: short shorts. Every year, the hems get shorter and shorter, and I have recently been seeing an awful lot of “cheek.” Even if you have the body confidence to be showing all that skin, it still shouldn’t happen. Your shorts should never be shorter that a pair of underwear…….never. That being said, this does not mean that you have to wear knee-length bermudas and capris all season. The below tips are the important basics that you need to know to effortlessly pull off any summer short outfit with style and class.


When purchasing shorts, be sure to check the label for the inseam length. “Short shorts” should have an inseam length of between 3.5 to 4.5 inches. Anything shorter will not be flattering or appropriate to wear outside of your house. If you want a modern looking longer short, look for an inseam of about 7.5 inches. With longer shorts you typically want them to end about 2 inches above your knee. Obviously, your height makes a big difference in what length of inseam looks the best on you. Since I am five feet tall with curvy hips and legs, longer shorts just make me look even shorter, and if they have a skinny style leg, make my thighs look like sausages. If you are tall and/or have tapered legs, you can probably get away with longer inseams. This leads us to the next step: fit.


When you are in the dressing room trying on your shorts, sit, squat down, and walk around in them to make sure that you can perform your usual motions without anything popping out or feeling too constricting. If you have athletic or curvy legs, look for shorts with wider openings at the thigh to give you room for movement. If you are buying shorts with side pockets that protrude, have them stitched shut for a slimmer look. Fabric can make or break the fit of shorts as well. A thinner fabric will not always complement curvier figures like a more substantial fabric will.  Most importantly, have fun with all of the crazy prints and patterns that are currently trending, and love the skin you are in! Remember, summer is the time of the year to not take life so seriously and just relax. XOXO

Published by theemmakat

Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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