From Work To The Gym


Pants – Express, Jacket – Beall’s, Shoes – Old Navy

I used to think that to be a “fit” person you had to be on a very strict diet and spend countless hours at the gym everyday. Up until this year, my schedule allowed me to work out at least five or six hours a week. Now that I am working a lot, and have my own house, there simply is not enough time or energy for that anymore. Despite a rather tough schedule, I refuse to give up on caring for my health, and instead have found ways to incorporate it into each week. This outfit for example, I wore on a day that I had to go straight from the office to the gym, and had a small amount of time that I could spend working out before I had to be somewhere else. My top is an athletic tank with a built in sports bra. All I had to do is change my pants and shoes and I was ready to go!


 Getting creative with clothing choices is a great way to assure that you can sneak in time for fitness: no matter your schedule. Below are some other ideas on how to effortlessly transition your outfits from work or school to gym-ready in no time. Even something so simple as switching heels to sneakers for a lunchtime walk can make or break your workout goals – and your confidence!


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Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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