The Instagrams That Inspire Me The Most

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Social media definitely has its downfalls, but for anyone who finds inspiration in self expression, sites such as pinterest and instagram can prove truly useful. Instagram is my personal favorite out of all social media outlets. Facebook can become mundane with drama and game requests; plus I really don’t care to post my thoughts in a depreciated sentence. Twitter never ceases to confuse me, though I am making an effort to figure it out (I’ll let you know when I have it mastered.) There is something very entertaining in the ability to capture a moment on Instagram with an artsy photo and a few hashtags. Besides using it to post my own experiences ( find my personal account, here), I also have a few fellow Instagramers that I adore…and, I will admit, I miss if they stop posting. Below are links to the food, health, and fashion instagrams that give me the most inspiration and enjoyment. I would love to hear who some of your favorites are!

@emilyschuman – writer of my favorite blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. Colorful style and delicious food photos.

@daniellecuccio – Vegan celebrity yoga instructor from LA with two super cute puppies.

@whatforbreakfast – pictures of breakfasts that I can only dream of having the time to eat…let alone create!

@jengotch – Pure fun with lots of colorful pictures.

@patrickbeach – A yoga sensation with dazzling handstands

@eatsleepwear – Great style and writer of

@be.myhero – pretty pictures of expresso, flowers, and other everyday things.

@yoga_girl – my favorite yogi! She also posts breathtaking pictures of Aruba.

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