Waking Up Is Hard To Do


Mornings have never been my favorite thing. It doesn’t matter how much sleep I have gotten, or whether I am sleeping until          5 am or 12 pm. I wake up groggy and unpleasant, preferring to keep to myself for the first hour or so that I am awake. Lately, I have been hearing more and more friends and family members complain about having trouble waking up, especially now that we are nearing winter. There are numerous articles claiming that a solid eight hours of sleep or a brisk run will cure your disdain for mornings. But, what if the real problem starts with simply getting out of bed? Below are some of my fool proof ways to wake up: morning person or not!

  • Hydrate Even when you are sleeping, your body is still working hard to help heal and restore itself. One of the symptoms of dehydration is fatigue. For the same reason it is important to eat breakfast, it is equally as important to drink water first thing after waking up. Set a cute mug or glass of fresh water on your desk or nightstand before bed to have the next morning. Sorry, coffee doesn’t count! It does lead us to the next tip though…
  • Get in your cup of jo If you have a coffee maker that can be programmed, set it to start brewing at the same time your alarm will go off. The sound and smell will be motivation to get out of bed. If your coffee maker does not program, at least take time the night before to have your grounds and water already inside, along with your favorite mug set out. If all else fails, buy yourself a special flavor of creamer that you will look forward to. Whatever it takes, right?
  • Bribe yourself It is no different than when we were kids, our moms bribing us out of bed with the promise of watching cartoons (or in my case, Disney Channel.) Find something that you truly appreciate such as a fancy soap to shower with, a few minutes to read a magazine, a pretty outfit you can’t wait to wear, a muffin from the cafe, etc. Train yourself to be out of bed and ready, so that you can have time to do something enjoyable. (I like to put my clothes in the dryer while I am in the shower, so they are nice and warm when I get out!)
  • Hide your alarm Okay, you don’t really have to hide it. Just put it somewhere other than your nightstand. I don’t know about you, but I can not count all of the times I have shut off my alarm, just to roll over and go back to sleep. If you have to physically get out of your cozy bed, you will be awake by the time you turn your alarm off. Just resist the urge to hit snooze or lay back down! You can also add a second alarm somewhere else in your room,  just in case.
  • Light up the room For most of us, it is probably still dark out when we are waking up. To our brains, that just seems wrong! “I have to face the cold and the dark? Forget it!…” You can purchase alarm clocks like this that simulate a sunrise in your room to gently wake you, or turn on a soft lamp beside your bed. XOXO

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Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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