Products I Love


I firmly believe that you can find good beauty products without breaking the bank. On the other hand, you get what you pay for, so it is hard to decide if saving a few dollars is worth sacrificing quality. Above are five go-to products that I swear by. Tell me, what are some of your favorite beauty buys?

1. Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle Repair Serium $4.29,
   *Smells ahh-mazing!
2. Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara- Blackest Black $8.29,       
3. Opi Mod About You $9.49,
    *Pair with moody “Viking in a Vinter Vonderland” for your next fall mani/pedi
4. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion $7.79,
5. Hydrating Lip Balm $10.00,
     *My favorite combo: Grenadine and Strawberry Cream

Published by theemmakat

Licensed Makeup Artist and Esthetician

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